Booking Space

St. Mark’s offers the following areas for your special events, or ongoing requirements:


A bright room on the main level, about 400 sq.ft., complete with sink and small fridge, suitable for meetings.


An inviting area of about 1200 sq.ft, with pews, suitable for either worship services, concerts or recitals, complete with grand piano.

Fellowship Hall:

A large, open space on the basement level, with stage area and curtains, about 1200 sq. ft., suitable for exercise classes, games, camp groups, meetings etc. Not suitable as a gymnasium.

Meeting Room:

A spacious and comfortable room of about 400 sq. ft. on the basement level, suitable for smaller exercise groups, meetings or discussion groups. Comfortable seating.

To find out more about using or renting any of these spaces, email enquiries to: You will recieve a fillable Word document form that details the information we need to complete your booking.