The offering

As in most churches, it is our custom to share blessings by making an offering at each service.

The church has a funny relationship with money. Unlike other philanthropic causes and not-for-profit charities, as much as we would like to, we do not give special recognition when people give. There is no list of donors on the back of our worship guides. We do not have big presentations with a “larger than life” cheque presentation when someone gives an unexpected amount.

We as the church recognize that any amount no matter the size is more than a donation. Your offering is not a tip for a good sermon, nor are you paying for services rendered. Your stewardship, bringing your tithes and offerings to the community in which you worship, is an act of faith, a spiritual practice that comes right out of scripture.

You needn’t feel obligated to do so, but if you do, please know your gift will be used to further the work of the Church, both in Kingston and around the world. Thank you!